Anodizing is the most important and critical process as it gives the final finish & different colors to profiles keeping in view the Importance of overall process, AL-FATTAH has installed the First time in Pakistan the most sophisticated anodizing plant from Italtecno Italy, and which is completely designed & installed by highly qualified Italian team. This guarantees 100% Aluminium anodizing & coloring as per European & USA Standards.


Aluminium anodizing is the best process to keep aluminium corrosion free for a long time. Anodizing and electro coloring complete process is fully automatic & 100% computerized PLC & sensor controlled.

During anodizing process profiles have to be processed by different chemicals in different tanks, AL-FATTAH fully understands the importance and requirements of tanks for anodizing process and does not compromise on quality by reducing their number or curtailing the processes, AL-FATTAH’s anodizing line comprises of 31 Tanks & it is the latest and largest anodizing line in the country, We are capable of anodizing up to 26 ft long Architectural aluminium profiles.

AL-FATTAH is very much concerned about environmental issues and saves water by using the European water reprocessing system which is unique and the only one in the country.

You can select any colors from following latest European Anodizing Colors

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