By the Grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH AL-FATTAH finds the opportunity to install the first automatic Laminated Glass line in Pakistan. Laminated glass is two or more panes of glass with one or more layers of PVB Film between them and treated. The panes can be ordinary float glass or tempered Glass or Heat Strengthened Glass panels. If the glass broken, fragment tend to adhere to the interlayer there by reducing the risk of injury from falling glass and helping to resist further impact.


If the glass requires lamination process, it is loaded to the Loading station and is transferred to the Washing Machine for Cleaning using treated water from Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Plant. Once the glass has been washed, using the overhead Crane with Automatic Lifters the first glass is lifted thereafter, the PVB is automatically applied to the surface of the glass, after which the second glass is lifted glass and placed for accurate pairing applying PVB interlayer in between. PVB film is cut and trimmed according to the size of the glass and the
unit is transferred to the heating Furnace. The glass batches of pre-laminated glass are fed / placed into the Autoclave cycle for final de-airing process. Glass processing in Auto Clave is a five hour – cycle for pressurized heating, cooling and re-pressurizing process.

Laminated glass doesn’t shatter like ordinary glass. It absorbs impact, resists penetration, and remains intact even if broken, holding glass fragments in place and lowering the risk of injury.

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