Tuff Glass is basically a Heat strengthened glass manufactured on the world’s No.1 Tempering Line Tam Glass Finland. Tuff Glass retains the normal properties of ordinary float glass including chemical resistance, hardness, expansion and deflection with the exception of strength and breakage characteristics.

Tuff Glass is a Heat strengthened glass which has been tuff thermally by inducing a surface compression of 6000 to 9000 PSI as compared to a range of 11000 to 20000 psi in case of fully tempered glass.

AL-FATTAH TUFF GLASS comes with many outstanding features that make it the instant choice over ordinary glass.


Strength as compared to ordinary glass:

Al-Fattah Tuff is similar to that of stronglass but with lower level roof surface compression, it has twice the strength of the ordinary glass of an equivalent thickness.

Strength in terms of psi:

Tuff glass induced with compression stress of 6,000 to 9,000 psi on surface and not less than 5,500 psi on edges.

High Thermal shock strength:

3 Time more resistance to thermal stress in comparison to ordinary glass. It can withstand temperature difference of 100 degree C in a range of (50 C0 to 150 C0) compared to ordinary glass which can withstand up to 40 C0. Tuff Glass Provides necessary resistance to thermal stress associated with high performance glazing materials such as tinted glass, Reflected glass and low E glass.

Breakage Patterns:

It breaks into large pieces and does not crumble into small fragments like strong glass. It allows the glass on its neighboring pieces of support each other in the frame.


In order to acquire the exact glass sizes which is very necessary in structural glazing AL-FATTAH uses for the first time in Pakistan the most modern cutting line from the world best European cutting line manufacturing LISEC Austria.

This cutting line selects the required glass sheet and cut breaks the glass with the tolerance of 0.03mm.

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