AL-FATTAH beveling set up, the best in Pakistan, beveling is done on machine from Beveling OF Italy, Which is the best in the world. This ensures that the beveling has perfect comers meeting at right angles so that the beveled line in the absolutely straight and there is excellent celerity.

AL-FATTAH can make Beveled glass in customized sizes with beveling with ranging from 6mm to 50 mm on 3mm to 19 mm thick glass.


AL-FATTAH has state of the art new models like Gamy 11 from Z. Bavelloni Italy and smart 6 from Bavelloni South America to produce extreme quality for Edging and polishing. Al-FATTAH is the first one in Pakistan to bring the new and ultimate technology in the shape of Gamy 11 and smart 6. In case of round Edge we use another latest machine by the name of SB 10 from Z. Bavelloni Italy. Through these modern machines and with the latest technology, we at AL-FATTAH are able to produce a number of designs in different thickness along with extremely good quality of polishing.

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