By the Grace of ALLAH AL-FATTAH finds the opportunity to install the first automatic line for Energy Saver Glass in Pakistan along with the technical expertise & equipment’s of world No.1 European Supplier LISEC.

AL-FATTAH Energy Saver Glass is basically a premium quality double glazed glass. Energy Saver Glass range is specially designed to promote energy control. It offers numerous designs and aesthetic combinations as well as efficient use of light and thermal energy.

Basic Qualities of Energy Saver Glass:

  1. It stops heat & cold transfer from outside to inside.
  2. It stops heat & cold transfer from inside to outside.
  3. It works as sound barrier.

Protects furniture and all indoor articles against damages from sunlight.

AL-FATTAH energy saver glass provides first-rate thermal insulation in winter & optimal
solar protection in summer.

Combining high light transmission and thermal insulation is now possible with AL-FATTAH energysaver glass. Its high light transmission and high insulation properties create a comfortable living and working environment.


What it is

AL-FATTAH Energy Saver Glass comprises two sheets of glass hermetically sealed tighter, with an air gap/Gas in between. The trapped air is kept dry by means of a desiccant, to prevent condensation on the inner surface of the glass during extreme heat and cold. A primary seal of Polyisobutylene is applied to both sides of the spacer and a secondary Polysulphide/Silicon is also used as a back up material.

How it works:

In accordance with the law of physics, heat travel from regions of higher temperature to regions of lower temperature. Thus, in summer, when temperature outdoor exceed indoor temperatures, the heat tends to escape through to the interior, making it uncomfortable. Similarly, in winter, when outdoor temperature are cooler, the heat indoor tends to escapes to the exterior Being a poor conductor of heat, the entrapped air Glass on Energy saver Glass retards heat transmission. Thus Energy saver Glass reduced heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

An Effective Energy Saver:

Energy Saver Glass cuts down electricity consumption. For one, it eases the cooling on air conditioners, so, that you can cut down on the capacity of your air conditioning machines as well as on power consumption. This means a sizeable cut in electricity bills. Again since artificial light sometimes account for as much as 40% of a building’s energy load, Energy saver Glass can once more, cuts on electricity consumption by allowing the utilization of natural light during the day, in large offices, this is a big energy saver glass.


Saves on heating and cooling by reducing air to air heat transfer. The enclosed layer of gas makes the insulation capability about twice that of monolithic glass. Because of this, the load on the air conditioning is greatly reduced. The use of heat absorbing of heat reflective glass will further reduce the load on the cooling system.

Pleasant Room Temperature:

It offers increased personal comfort and aids in energy conservation. Because of its high insulation properties, the lack of cold or warm droughts leads to a pleasant internal environment.


Dry air can also be filled in double glazing unit.


  • Maximum size 2500 mm *3300 mm
  • Filled with dry air (Conventional) or Argon (for better thermal) or SF6 (better acoustical).
  • Combination vary and may use clear, tinted, ceramic decorated or high-performance glass in annealed, heat-strengthened or laminated form.
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